who is lola?

Lola is the nickname given to a person named Dolores, which also denotes a passionate, sensual, free, and simply delicious woman, even though Lola Eclectic Cuisine has nothing to do with Dolores, it has everything to do with the sensual and delicious. It is a cozy restaurant within the beautiful and renovated Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino, in the historic area of Ponce. A very nice, elegant and casual place with a modern decor, acrylic chairs upholstered in purple and red, while retaining the Spanish charm of its original solid wood beams, and the huge arches that dived the spaces of the local. It walls serve to present the works of the art of famous local painters.

The decor and ambience of Lola was constructed by Francine Méndez, who also works as the restaurant's manager. Francine along with her husband Manuel Pizarro, were commissioned by the owners of the Hotel, the Muñoz Grajales family, to take charge of the concept and the restaurant's management. 

The success of the restaurant is due to the synergy between Francine, Manuel and Top Chef Angel Santiago, who have developed the restaurant and the concept from its beginnings.